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Our Story


Hi, I'm Kathryn!  I'm the founder of The Turning Leaf.  

Like many  of us, my life has been a series of complicated lessons; some fantastic and life changing, and some not so fantastic and ALSO  life changing.  

 Learn more about my journey here.


 Metabolic Balance® was developed following the observation that diet plays an important role in the regulation of the body’s natural functions and therefore also has an effect on wellbeing and health. This is not a fad, a diet, nor a one size fits all approach - this is personalized nutritional roadmap based on you and your unique blood values. As a Certified  Metabolic Balance® Coach I offer  an all-natural nutrition program that balances your hormones, optimizes your health and well being, reduces inflammation, and is backed by 25 years of scientific study that is managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional scientists.  Learn more here.


This may be unusual to include in The Turning Leaf Story, but it's the foundation of its creation - it comes from Love.  The love for my Parents, my Husband, my Friends, my Family, my Community, my Country, and my Planet.  Everyone and everything is unique and special and deserves to live a healthy, fulfilling, exciting, and balanced  life.