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Kathryn's Journey

A lifetime of learning brought me here to this place at this time.


Hi, I'm Kathryn and I'm a Wellness , Life, and Health Coach, as well as the owner of The Turning Leaf.  I'm an Ottawa based small business owner, retired IT executive, wife, Mom to two beautiful Yorkies, and Entrepreneur.


For 28 years, I worked in a fast-paced, high stress environment like so many others.  I struggled to balance work and life, struggled to prepare and eat nourishing food, and also struggled to give back to myself.  That all changed years ago when I embarked on the journey to really understand how "we" work.   How our bodies and minds develop and degenerate, how our lives are impacted by how we think, what we think, what we do and what we eat.  I realized we all have different values and belief systems, we all connect the dots in our own unique way and we all have different ways to define and achieve success. We have unique nutritional needs and we need to fuel our minds and bodies with the right balance of nutrients for US

My realization:

When I was 29, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  I was lucky enough not to have endured chemotherapy or radiation and instead went through a series of surgeries that left their marks.  A small price to pay to be told 7 years later I was cleared with no reoccurrence.  

When I was 19, my parents told our family that my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer.  Mom passed away after a 30 year battle in July of 2018.  30 Years!!!  Doctors were amazed by her will, the strength of her spirit and resolve, and that she lived 20 more years than any medical professional would have anticipated.  She was my best teacher - she showed me that we all have so much power within us, all we have to do is believe and tap into it.  I watched a miracle for 20 years and that drove me to understand more about tapping into our values, finding our strength, and believing we have everything within us we need to be healthy and succeed.


This is why I opened The Turning Leaf. I have experienced the benefits of a holistic approach to life. I understand a balanced mind, body, and soul are critical to abundant life and overall  success and I want to share what I've learned with you.


If you're ready to turn over a new leaf...Let's talk.


With Gratitude,



My Specialties

Metabolic Balance

Sustainable Weight Management

Life/Work-Life Balance Coaching

Digestive Wellness

Nutritional Assessments

Live Cell Microscopy