Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session

become a certified Metabolic Balance® Coach

You're clients are Unique - they deserve a personalized, all-natural weight management plan!

Do you have clients that are overweight or obese?  Are they telling you they cannot lose weight or it is very difficult for them to maintain a healthy weight?

Are your clients gradually developing metabolism-related diseases or suffering from them?  Do you have the right and effective tools required to treat these clients successfully?

Becoming a Metabolic Balance® Coach and adding this to your practice  can help you guide your clients successfully through our 4 phase and 8 golden rule program.

The following topics are covered in detail:

  • Obesity and nutrition-related diseases
  • Scientific basis of Metabolic Balance®
  • Study results of Metabolic Balance®
  • Our food & food composition
  • How does Metabolic Balance® work in practice

As  the  Ottawa  regions’  Master Coach,  I  will  be  with  you  every  step  of  the  way  to  answer questions,  support  you  in  incorporating  the  Metabolic Balance®  program  into  your  existing or new  business, and   collaborate  with  all  coaches  to  bring  more  awareness  to  this life  changing  program.  

Click here to learn more about becoming a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach.

We look forward to partnering with you!